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Criminal Record Bureau Disclosure Checks

A1 Nursing and Homecare Agency Ltd is acting as an umbrella body for the CRB, processing disclosures applications on behalf of other organisations/clients. This information forms part of our information pack.

As an umbrella body for the CRB, we are able to process CRB’s for clients who are not registered to process themselves. In response to changes in the registration requirements of the Criminal Records Bureau, A1 Nursing and Homecare Agency is pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to make use of the facility we have as an umbrella body for the CRB.

Previously, many organisations could apply for the facility to process CRB disclosures for their staff. Changes to this mean that unless an organisation is processing over 100 applications per year, they will need to use an umbrella body for this service. We would like to offer you the opportunity to use our friendly service to process your Criminal Record Bureau disclosure applications for all your new staff, and for any renewals you may need.

Our charges are extremely competitive, and our service is fast, friendly and efficient. If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we will try to help.

Included in our full pack is an overview of our service and charges, plus additional information on:

- Id checking process.
- The storage and handling of confidential information including disclosures.
- Portability.
- Employing ex-offenders
- Disputes

The Process
- We issue you with a CRB application form.
- You pass it to your applicant to complete
- You take copies of the necessary documents to verify the identity of the applicant.
- You check the form, validate the identity of the applicant and return it to us.
- We check the form and ID, countersign it and send it to be processed by the CRB.
- The CRB receives the form, and if it is correctly completed, processes the application and sends a copy of the disclosure to us and to the applicant.
- We send the disclosure and any other information back to you.

Our Service Standards
Our service is fast, friendly and efficient. We aim to minimise on your behalf the number of incorrectly completed forms sent to the CRB, thereby speeding up all parts of the service which are within our control. As part of our commitment we will do the following:

- All forms will be sent off within 24 hours of being received, once all of the correct information is present. All applications are posted second class.
- A POVAfirst check will be done (if requested) within 2 days of the application being posted.
- We will track the application process every 10 working days for each of your applications.
- If additional information is required, we will telephone you on the same day the request is made by the CRB. We ask that any additional information is confirmed in writing.
- We will post the disclosure to you on the same day it is received by us.
- 90% of telephone calls will be answered within 20 seconds
- 95% of letters will be answered within 2 working days of receipt
- 95% of emails will be answered within 1 working day.

We will aim to resolve:
- 100% of disputes over our disclosure processing service within 3 weeks

Our Arrangements for Security and Confidentiality
- All applications are to be sent addressed, 'Strictly private and confidential', for the attention of The Manager, A1 Nursing and Homecare Agency, 5 New Chapel Street, Mill Hill, Blackburn, BB2 4DT
- The application information will only be seen by the manager, our dedicated Umbrella Body countersignitory.
- All information sent to us will be held in locked cabinets and accessed only by the countersignitory.
- On return of the disclosure by the CRB, all information will be returned to your designated person, marked ‘Strictly private and confidential’.
- We will keep a record of all clients requesting the service, the name of the application, the number of their application form, date sent, date disclosure received and number of disclosure. We will not retain any of the information contained in the disclosure.

Any information sent to us to enable the processing of the application will be returned to your designated person along with the disclosure issued by the CRB. For full information please see our additional information or log onto www.crb.gov.uk.

If you would like further details to take advantage of this offer, please ring 01254 692277, during normal office hours and we can send you out an information pack. Alternatively, you can contact us by completing the information on our contact link.

We hope to hear from you soon

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